CDL Straight Line Gas Cutting Machine

Brand: CDL


✔ Performs high quality straight, circle and bevel cuts
✔ Superior design torch tips to ensure fast and smooth cuts
✔ Precision cutting results

Applicable industries:
Construction works, building material shops, metal structure factory, ship building, equipment manufacturing and more.

CDL Straight Line Gas Cutting Machine

  • Model


  • Product Specifications

    One torch with body

    7 kg

    9.5 kg

    Machine size 350 x 140 x 175 mm
    Wheel distance 160 mm
    Reduction gear Single cone system
    Cutting speed 150-800 mm/mm
    Cutting edge sharp 1V (45°)
    Cutting thickness 5 - 50 mm
    Motor 1,500 rpm
    Tip ANM-6L 1/32", 3/64", 1/16"