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BOSCH Cordless LED COB Headlamp


  • Various Applications - Ideal for DIY tasks both as head lamp and as stand light thanks to the bright, uniform, close-range light of 190 lumens intensity.
  • Large area of illumination - Use the cordless lamp under various light conditions, anytime and anywhere. It can light up larger areas thanks to its bright LED light, so use it in dark spaces and enjoy maximum light power.
  • Continuous operation - Work for more than 15 hours without recharging using AAA batteries.
  • Handy in hard to reach places and outdoors - Want to work in the attic, in hard-to-reach areas? Our PLI 18 has a compact design and weighs only 0.3 kg without the battery, making it easily transportable.

BOSCH Cordless LED COB Headlamp

  • Model


  • Specification

    Power Source Battery
    Battery Technology AAA
    Brightness 190 Lumes
    Lighting Technology LED

    Angle Adjustment

    Up To 60° Degrees

    Operating Time

    Up To 15 Hours
    Water Proof Rating IPX 4


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