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Cordless Heat Gun GHG 18V-50 (SOLO)


Flexible 18V heat gun for working on the go

  • Save time: Fast heating up to 300 °C within 6 seconds
  • Portability and flexibility in every working environment
  • Two temperature levels (300/500 °C) and LED light for easy operation


Solo - Bare tools only, batteries, charger and L-BOXX to order separately

Cordless Heat Gun GHG 18V-50 (SOLO)

  • Product Code

    0 601 2A6 580

  • Brand


  • Specification

    Heat-up time to 300°C 6 s

    Temperature levels

    Weight excl. battery 0.59 kg
    Working temperature 300 - 500 °C
    Airflow 175 l/min


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