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Drywall Sander GTR 550


Bosch’s new drywall sander for effortless sanding in all directions


  • 'UltraFlexible Head' for effortless sliding along ceilings and walls, and reduced surface damage
  • Ceiling suction feature ensures high comfort and lighter perceived tool weight
  • Ergonomic L-handle reduces stretch strain during sanding
  • The innovative segment pole design with fast-change lock provides length flexibility and quick adaptation
  • Constant speed maintains high removal rate and fast surface finish
  • Powerful and durable motor delivers high sanding speeds in challenging conditions and extended motor life
  • Quick-release segment brush allows sanding up to the wall, reducing surface preparation time and the need for manual sanding
  • Optimised airflow for dust-free sanding* and extended tool lifetime (*using Bosch GAS 35L AFC)

Drywall Sander GTR 550

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    0 601 7D4 0L0

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