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Fighter TIG-200CT IGBT Inverter TIG/MMA Welding Machines

Brand: Fighter by i-WELD


Technical Characteristics:


  • Use powerful IGBT switches and advanced inverter technology.
  • Digital control, current stability, high success rate of arc ignition.
  • Welding function with MMA, TIG and cold welding.
  • For TIG welding, the pre-flow time, welding time, and post-flow time can be adjusted.
  • Cold welding function, precise welding time, with low heat input, the deformation of the workplace after welding is very small.
  • For TIG Welding Torch switch, 2T or 4T control mould can be selected.
  • Can weld different materials (such as Cu, stainless steel, carbon steel and other colored and colorless metals).


With complete accessories:

TIG torch, electrode holder, earth clamp, welding cable, brush/hammer, protective mask.

Fighter TIG-200CT IGBT Inverter TIG/MMA Welding Machines

  • Model


  • Product Specifications

    Rated supply voltage


    Supply frequency

    50/60 Hz

    Rated input capacity


    Rated supply current

    42 A

    No-load voltage

    56 V

    Welding current range

    (Cold TIG) 10-200, (TIG) 10 -180,

    (MMA) 20-160 A

    Rated welding current

    200 A

    Rated welding voltage

    28 V

    Rated duty cycle


    Usable electrode

    1.6-3.2 mm



    Power factor

    0.9 Cosθ

    Degrees of protection


    Class of insulation


    Net weight

    5.8 kg

    Machine size



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