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Hitachi Oil-Free Bebicon Air Compressors

Steady Supply of Oil-free, Pure Air


Product Features


✔ Oil-free air supply

✔ High performance

✔ Durable design

✔ Long overhaul cycle

✔ High cooling heat

✔ Easy maintenance

✔ 100% Made in Japan


Good Cooling Design

  • The cylinder head uses an aluminum alloy and ventilated rib to improve heat radiation and air capacity.
  • The v-groove design is located between the discharge and suction chamber to reduce the heat transfer and improve air capacity.


Heat Cut Piston Pin Design

  • This design consists of heat-insulating materials which reduces heat transfer from the piston to the needle bearing. This reduces the temperature of the bearing and improving the overall reliability.


Leak Cut Piston Ring Design

  • The piston ring has a specially shaped abutment joint which reduces air leakage and improves air capacity.


Suitable for manufacturing industries that range from electronics to food and beverage.


Hitachi Oil-Free Bebicon Air Compressors

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