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i-Lift Hand Pallet Truck

Brand: i-Lift


Product features:


  • End cap connected with the lifting cylinder, shorter and stronger than other brands
  • Ergonomic handle to provide comfortoble and efficient operation
  • More stable and stronger chasis design; enclose the forks root by welding 

i-Lift Hand Pallet Truck

  • Model

    Good-3000, Best-3000

  • Product Specifications

    Model Good 3000 Best 3000
    Capacity 3000 kg 3000 kg
    Pump Type Integrated Integrated
    Wheel (drive/load) Type PU PU
    Size of steering wheel Ø 180*50 mm Ø 180*50 mm
    Loading wheel size (single) Ø 80*93 mm Ø 80*93 mm
    Loading wheel size (double) Ø 80*70 mm Ø 80*70 mm
    Lifting Height 115 mm 115 mm
    Fork Lifting Height (Max) 200 mm 200 mm
    Fork Height (Lowered) 75 mm 75 mm
    Fork Outside distance 685 mm 685 mm
    Fork Length 1200 mm 1200 mm
    Fork Width 160 mm 160 mm
    Steel Thickness 3 mm 4 mm
    Weight 59.5-68 kg 62.5-74 kg


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