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i-WELD GMAW 220I Pro

Brand: i-WELD



  • Simple design, portable and easy to carry.
  • This series of gas welding machine using current-mode PWM pulse width adjustment technology, IGBT Inverter technology, high-power fast recovery diode.
  • With insufficient voltage heating, over current, phase-missed protection, to ensure product reliability.
  • Stable output performance, real-time monitoring of the output power of the welding, the effective management of the output current to ensure welding welding reliability. 
  • Good dynamic characteristics, easy arc, arc stability, easy to control the pool.
  • Precise preset welding current
  • Digital key encoder adjustment and simple interface

i-WELD GMAW 220I Pro

  • Model

    GMAW 220I Pro

  • Product Specifications

    Rated Supply Voltage AC240±15%
    Rated Input Current 37A
    Output Current 30-200A
    Rated Output Voltage 16.5-30V
    Duty Cycle 40%
    Power Factor 0.73
    Weight 13kg




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