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ZICAR Carpentry Machine

Brand: ZICAR


  • Accurate and mobile lead board
  • Highly efficient and stable automatic-feed system of planing with the workpiece pressed
  • Double-action back type planer protecting sheet
  • The inverse motion stopper absolutely guarantees the security of operation of planing with the workpiece pressed

ZICAR Carpentry Machine

  • Model


  • Product Specifications

    Max. planing width 250 mm
    Max. planing capacity 3 mm
    Max. open cutting depth 10 mm
    Max. sawing thickness 85 mm
    Press planing thickness range 6 - 120 mm
    Min. press-planing length 150 mm
    Max. mortise 16 x 16 mm
    Speed of cutter spindle 3,500 r/min
    Speed of the feeding of press-planing 6.5 m/min
    Motor 220V, 1.1kW
    Overall dimension 1036 x 1250 x 930 mm
    Net Weight 185 kg
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